Legal Memorandum on the Dissolution of Marriage Essays

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Legal Memorandum


Dissolution of marriage including child support and custody issues


Forest and Olive Green have decided to obtain a dissolution of marriage, after twenty years of marriage. She and Mr. Green have already had several arguments concerning child support arrangements for their children Kelly Green, age 14, and Moss Green, age 10. Mrs. Green thinks that it would be best for the children if she and Mr. Green had joint custody of the children. Along with this, Mrs. Green wants to be able to receive child support from Mr. Green because due to her lack of job experience she thinks it is unlikely that she can find a job that will support herself and the children. Mr. Green who is a corporate executive who
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Since Mr. and Mrs. Green intend on having joint custody of the children, it looks as if all aspects of rearing the children, including expenses as well as decision-making would be shared among the parents. Although it is "shared", that does not signify that it will be equally shared. The court will determine, based on the formula contained in the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines, what each parent pays. Furthermore, since Mrs. Green is without income as a homemaker, it seems as though some sort of child support payment should be paid in regards to the children while they are residing in her home. Also, if Mr. Green takes a job, earning less income due to health problems, this may affect the amount of child support he would be obligated to pay, but it shouldn't keep him from being required to pay some sort of child support. This job change can cause the court to deviate from the guidelines. However, the court may look at Mrs. Green's unemployment as being voluntary. Thus, the court may not use that issue in determining the child support Mr. Green should be obligated to pay. The court will probably not order Mrs. Green to obtain employment, but in looking at the facts, there is no valid reason as to her unemployment, and it may be in the
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