Legal, Political, Ethical Dimension Midtrm Essay

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Legal, Political, Ethical Dimension - Week 5 Midterm 1. Question : TCO B. After the 2010 fall election, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) decides to take matters into its own hands. During the lame duck session, they pass a new "Elections Are Free Act" that requires single people who make more than $75,000/year or married couples who make more than $150,000/year to provide a copy of their tax return to their local county officials before being allowed to register to vote. The return must prove that they have paid at least 15% of their total income in taxes or they are not allowed to register to vote. List two bases under which someone impacted by this law could argue to have the law overturned. Student Answer: 1) For this…show more content…
1979). Points Received: 15 of 15 Comments: Perfect score yet again! 3. Question : (TCO C) Bud Johnson owns a General Motors dealership in Pierre, South Dakota. At the request and expense of General Motors, Bud traveled to Phoenix, Arizona, for purposes of the demonstration of a new vehicle called the Roughrider, designed to compete against the current offering of SUVs. Bud went to the proving grounds in the desert around Phoenix and spent a day watching the vehicle demonstrations. Bud and other dealers drove the vehicles, and much dust resulted from their driving. A few weeks later, Bud became ill with flu-like symptoms. He was finally diagnosed as having coccidioidomycosis or "valley fever." Valley fever is a disease well known to Arizona residents, and most have had it if they have lived there over 10 years. Newcomers are particularly vulnerable to the disease because the exposure to dust seems to build up immunity among the residents. Bud became quite ill and brought suit against the car manufacturer that invited him for its failure to warn him about the valley fever phenomenon before he came out to the testing grounds. Answer the following questions, and use cases and theories from the text to support your arguments: Was there negligence in the failure of General Motors to warn Bud? (15 points) Discuss all defenses General Motors may have. (15 points) Does strict liability in torts apply to this situation? Why or why

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