Legal Positivism Vs. Law Of Nature

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Legal Positivism v. the Law of Nature
Legal philosophy has changed dramatically throughout the years; many theories have evolved and are still supported to this day. Concepts such as values, morality, desires, and reason all come into play when law is defined. Law is a very difficult word to define; what exactly is it and where does it come from? To understand the idea of law, one must also understand how humans have evolved. From the beginning, humans have been forming groups for survival; either they were frightened by animals or other tribes. As time went on, according to Thomas Hobbes, a government was created to protect humans from their own evil actions. Since humans, according to historic events, have always been brutal it would make sense a governing body was created to put an end to these acts of violent. The question, in reality, is whether the government put an end to violent acts based on ethical reasoning or was it created to promote survival within a larger society. This question brings forth the two legal theories of the Law of Nature and Legal Positivism which both will be discussed later on. Nevertheless, the sense of morality and a divine power was prominent in the past, there has been a change in the present time. We now have a government which creates laws based on current desires and enforce these laws without morality in mind.
Morals have dictated the behaviors of different societies throughout time; the idea of morality has been tied alongside a
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