Legal Positivism and Natural Law

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Legal positivism and natural law These are two legal philosophies or theory of law that are commonly used in the daily arguments and discussions of the legal issues. These two, in as much as have the observance of the law as the common factor, have varied or divergent approach to law as a discipline and as a practice. Natural law This is divided into two major subsections with the first being natural law theory of morality; this deals with what is right and what is wrong. The second being the natural law theory of positive law; which deals with what is legal and what is illegal. Natural law theory of morality There are several tenets that define this particular philosophy of natural law. The first is that everything, living and inanimate like the plants and rocks have a purpose and the good that comes out of these is the manifestation and realization of their purpose. The second claim here is that happiness and flourishing is what is good for human beings. The development of the capacities to friendship, knowledge, social life and such like are based on the sense of justice and that the moral virtues like courage, temperance, benevolence do help us fulfill our true nature. The third proposition is that natural laws is a set of truths about justice and morality and are rules that we must follow to live a fulfilled life and a flourishing life. Immoral acts are deemed to violate natural law hence are unnatural and virtuous behavior on the other hand are considered
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