Legal Proceedings Or Charges Laid Summary

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1. Basic Overview of What Occurred and the Outcome of any Legal Proceedings or Charges Laid 1969 Incident on Chappaquiddick Island On July 18, 1969, Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy of Massachusetts and his cousin Joe Gargan decided to host a party on Chappaquiddick Island. Later that evening, Senator Edward left the party with 28 year old Mary Jo Kopechne to go catch the ferry. Shortly after Senator Edward left the party he drove his car off a wooden bridge into a pond. Kennedy escaped the sunken car, but unfortunately his passenger Mary Jo could not be rescued. Instead of informing the police about the deadly incident Kennedy decided to head back to the party. On the evening that Kennedy and his cousin Joe Gargan hosted the cookout party they…show more content…
He got a two month suspended sentence and had his driver licenses suspended for a year. After Kennedy’s trial in a live statement he called the late reporting of the accident “indefensible” but strongly denied that he’s been involved in any offensiveness with Kopechne. He also asked his devotees to help him decide whether to continue his political career or not. As a result, getting an encouraging response he continued his senatorial duties at the end of his two months sentencing. There were rumours that he used his significant encouragement to avoid more severe charges that could have caused from the incident. Although the incident on Chappaquiddick Island helped to overturn his presidential hopefulness, Kennedy continued to work as a U.S. senator of Massachusetts into the 21st century. 2. Power Questions: Direct: - What happened that evening? - What time did you leave the party? - Why did you and Mary Jo leave the party? - How much alcohol did you drink that night? Control: - Did you take the wrong turn without realizing it? Repeat: - Even if you attempt to dive with no luck, why give up? And just don’t call the police. (Persistent) - Why go back to the
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