Legal Professional Personal Values And Ethics

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Ethics Introduction What is ethics, and what does it have to do with personal and professional points of view? This paper will address how one’s personal and/or professional point of view influence ethical decisions in the work place and the leadership traits that are necessary to make those decision. Also provided in this paper will be several examples of cases where individual personal point of view caused them to make professional decisions that had an adverse reaction on those they serve. Ethics Defined Black law dictionary defines ethics as; 1. A system of moral tenets or principles; the collective doctrines relating to the ideals of human conduct and character. 2. The study of behavior as judged by moral right and wrong, including…show more content…
The second condition for ethical dilemma is that there must be different courses of action to choose from. Tyler has to decide whether to refuse to work on the case, because it goes against his values, but prevents him from fulfilling his professional responsibilitiy or working on the case ,and compromising his personal values for his professional responsibility. Third, in an ethical dilemma, no matter what course of action is taken, some ethical principle is compromised. In other words, there is no perfect solution. Either decision bares consequences for the individual making them, consequences that they alone must endure. Brown et al, propose that leaders become attractive, credible, and legitimate as ethical role models in part by engaging in ongoing behaviors that are evaluated by followers as normatively appropriate, and that suggest altruistic (rather than selfish) motivation (2005, p. 120). The following court cases offers a view of individuals in positions of leadership who stood by their convictions, and chose to live with the consequence of those decisions. Ethics Personal views v. Professional views In the summer of 2015, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit. David ERMOLD and David Moore, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Kim DAVIS, Individually and in her Official Capacity as Rowan County Clerk, Defendant-Appellee. No. 16-6412 Decided: May 02, 2017 Kim Davis, the County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky, generated national and international

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