Legal Rights Of The United Nations Essay

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The most expected result of lack of ability to exercise one’s legal rights would mean that one has the rights but lacks the power to exercise them. Practically granting of rights is the law’s recognition of the validity of a person’s choices. Legal rights give authority for people to act within the framework of the legal system and makes a human being a subject of the law. Article 3 of the ICCPR mandates member states to promote the realization of the right to self determination and to respect that right in conformity with the provisions of the Charter of the United Nations. In Kenya the age of majority is 18 years and most people believe that upon attaining the age of majority they will be able to make their own decisions which will be respected. For most people adulthood automatically means the right to become a self determining individual but this has not been so for women, who have been treated in the past as ‘objects’ to be managed as opposed to rights-holders with their own interests and desires.
The previous marriage laws that were in 2014 merged into one document which is the Marriage Act 2014 had unfair provisions which tended to lean more towards the men. Under the Hindu Marriage and Divorce Act, the notion of women not being free to make their own decisions comes out where it is stated under section 3 of the Act that a marriage may be solemnized if the following conditions are fulfilled;
(c) The bridegroom has attained the age of 18 years old and the bride the
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