Legal, Safety, And Regulatory

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Thomas Gordon
October 5, 2015
Legal, Safety, and Regulatory in the Workplace

Legal, Safety, and Regulatory in the Workplace

"Common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation." I definitely would have to agree with this statement and quote because in many of the workplace organizations in today’s society isn’t concerned with common sense and compassion. Employees are always caring about if the organization is going to sue someone or vice versa. In today’s world managers and supervisors work extremely hard to prevent from being sued by other people by bending over backwards to make people happy. Within this nobody isn’t concerned about common sense or compassion, nobody’s concerned about that, they are more interested in not being sued. Litigation has resulted or created a system where Human resource managers have lack of attention of what actually matters when it comes to employee dissatisfaction and alleviated stress levels. The atmosphere of compassion amongst the organization can enhance employees and the organization, bringing a work culture that is concerned to make efforts to help and not to just pull out the law and sue. When it comes to compassion, pain and suffering by another person isn’t always bearable because of the emotional response that employees afflict within the organization. There are actions that demonstrate lack of real common sense and there is compassion results that demonstrate…
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