Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Essay

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Legal, Safety, and Regulatory Requirements Every organization is responsible for ensuring that the organization follows legal, safety, and regulatory requirements when dealing with the employees of the organization. This responsibility falls to the human resources department. The human resources department must be experts in these areas to fully be able to train the employees. Has common sense and compassion in the workplace has been replaced by litigation. Let us take a look at the past six years. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has show that all of the suits that have been filed have decreased in the last six years. In 2006 there were 403 suits filed compared to 2011 where only 300 suits filed. There were 294 civil…show more content…
Employees should report these findings to OSHA. Litigation is a time-consuming effort. There will always be employees who for some reason will believe that it is necessary to sue their place of employment. Workers compensation is a form of insurance that employer offer employees just in case they get injured at work. This type of insurance provides the employee with wages and medical benefits; in return the employee does not sue the company. There must be proof given that the injury did occur on company time. If there is no proof the workers compensation will not go into effect. This is the time when most employees look into suing the company. That is why it is very important that employers and employees keep detailed records of any incidents that occur at work. Legal, safety and regulatory requirements are the three major issues facing most companies. When those three items are not addressed it can cause companies to get violations, cause employees to feel as though they do not work in a safe environment. The laws were set up so that everyone feels that when they go to work that all the safety and regulatory requirements have been addressed. The safer employees feel that when they work better. Think about it, if you had to report to a job where you think that at any moment you can get hurt, distracts you from doing the tasks at hand. Besides coal miners, health care workers have a lot of safety concerns. They must always be aware of the patients
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