Legal, Social, Ethical And Professional Issues

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DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS AND METHODS Answers for C1 and C2 of CW_COMP1648 Contents Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues 2 Section C1 2 BCS Codes of Conduct and British computer society 4 Section C2 4 Legal, Social, Ethical and Professional Issues Section C1 The new ecommerce web store will be web base just like many other successfully ecommerce websites. All customers will need to sign up before purchasing any item from the new online store, by having to sign up the customers who is purchasing will have to provide information about the company where she/he works for. By doing that the customer will know that PE will use their customer details correctly and it will be data protected, all…show more content…
Also it assurance that the data given are accurate, no alteration should be changed from the data that the customer’s will be filling in, is very important to maintain the integrity of data for the new store system in PE in order to have a secure and successfully ecommerce website. Each year that passes the growth in the internet has been massive also the computer crime has grown. Hackers are gaining unauthorised access to computer systems with intent. As mentioned before in order to protect that from happening the data controller will be there to protect the data from been modified and make sure that all data are secure out of data leak. Availability of Information It ensure that authorized parties customers are able to access their information when needed. Almost every week there are websites being taken down by DDoS attacks. The aim of these DDoS attacks are to deny access to the information of the website. So in order to prevent that from happening the key is to keep regular doing off-site backups or having another off-site location ready to restore services in case anything happens to the primary data. PE Customers shouldn’t have difficulties in logging in to the system it should be timely and reliable. To ensure that PE data is secure the data controller needs to make sure the data is obtained and processed fairly and lawfully, PaintEverything should collect only the data necessary from their customers for
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