Legal Status of Early Year Framework for Child Development

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Legal status of early year framework Developed countries has made early year framework for child development with respect to their needs and some of them has made it mandatory in their countries. For example, early year framework is part of the council of Australian Government's reform agenda and is a major part of the Australian Government's National Quality Framework for early childhood education and care. Similarly, some parts of America have its own early year framework for the child development, as Victoria has its own early year framework for child development. World health organization has issued its own child development programme. Early child development of WHO has deeper links with the child development trough coaching, supporting, facilitating and development according to children's own interest. Normally child from pre birth stage to 8 years of age are termed as most important years for child development a memories of this stage are remembered for whole of the life. Early year's foundation stage must ensure that all early years framework must ensure that children learn and develop in a healthy environment. It must give students knowledge, skills and develop their habits for their good future. (Statutory Framework for the Early years Foundation Stage, 2012) Framework must be developed by viewing the background of child Practitioners of framework must take into account the individual interests, needs and stage of development of each child and must use this
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