Legal Studies

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• Crime 30% of course time
Principal focus: Through the use of a range of contemporary examples, students investigate criminal law, processes and institutions and the tension between community interests and individual rights and freedoms.
Themes and challenges to be incorporated throughout this topic: • the role of discretion in the criminal justice system • issues of compliance and non-compliance in regard to criminal law • the extent to which law reflects moral and ethical standards • the role of law reform in the criminal justice system • the extent to which the law balances the rights of victims, offenders and society • the effectiveness of legal and non-legal measures in achieving
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-There was a reckless lack of interest or concern to human life, resulting in death. (an example of this is a person unloads a firearm in a crowded street.
-A death occured during a commision (the action of commiting a crime or offense such as using a deadly wepaon for felony) of serious crime; for example the shooting of a bank teller in an armed robbery. this form of crime is called '(constructive murder') is NEW SOUTH WALES and '(FELONY MURDER') in the united states.

-The most difficult one to prove is reckless indifference because it must be proved that the accused might have caused their actions to result in death.
-The maximum penalty for murder in new south wales is life imprisonment.

-MANSLAUGHTER -(example you run someone over while you are drunk
- Manslaughter is basically unlawfully killing when the accused is not charged with murder because they have a defences for their actions.
- NEW SOUTH WALES maximum penalty for manslaughter is up to 25 years.
- There are two types of manslaughter
1. Involuntary manslaughter (this occurs when there is death) is when the accused did not have the mental intent to cause death, (An example is when you accidently run someone over after they jump out onto traffic)
2. Voluntary manslaughter is when the accused opposite did intend to cause death but mitigating circumstances exist. such circumstances are being
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