Legal Studies Reflection

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This year during legal studies, I was able to help out with jacket racket organization, many others and I were able to bag donated jackets together. I learned as a group at the time that we all work fairly well together if we really put our minds to it. I also helped a little bit with the food hamper, Andrea and I were able to unbag the food donations and organize them into boxes as we collected the bags. Near the beginning of the year, the whole legal studies class was able to create a dance routine to warm-up for the Terry Fox run. Personally, I did not create the dance, but I was able to help out for the preparation of the run. In my group, we were able to organize music and many other things like the announcement. For the musical chairs event, I was able to help pull away chairs. At this time, we learned how to think quickly and act based on our given situations. I was also able to count money for the Terry Fox run, this took quite some time. Lastly, I was able to work a few games at the family dance even though I caught a fever. During a few of our classes we have learned about globalization, and a little bit more about the world we are currently in. This lesson entirely introduced me to the new problems that we are faced with today in current society. This lesson has impacted me a lot. I also learned how much donations and little actions can benefit everyone in every way. When we were putting away jackets I thought a while after about all the people who’d have something to wear this winter. The part was that they didn’t have to donate at all, but people continued to do so. It was the same with the food hamper, although we did not get many donations this year, people still had the thought to bring things in. No one was obligated to bring anything in at all, but merely encouraged. These small actions are going to be able to make others lives better. What I liked about this term was the events we were able to organize and help out with. For this class specifically, group work is what really pushes everyone to learn. Although we may fool around in class, I know that our group has actually learned some skills whether they realize it or not. At the moment, I don’t think anything could be done to improve my
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