Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management Essay

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Legal and Ethical Implications for Classroom Management July 07, 2010 Classroom Management Classroom management is the key to a successful school year for both the teacher and the students. I have read about various methods, techniques, and disciplines useful in establishing a solid foundation for student cooperation and participation. I wholeheartedly understand that I cannot control another person’s thoughts, feelings, and/or actions. However, I do believe I am capable of establishing a healthy rapport with administration, co-workers, parents, and students that will allow me to obtain my desired goals for student achievement. I believe successful classroom management is developed based on the proper mixture of being prepared,…show more content…
The outcome of this lawsuit shows the protection of a teacher’s ideas on what and how to present relevant content to students. Parents The rights and responsibilities of parents are seen in various ways throughout the community, nation, and the world. Parenting skills are not always taught and generally parents inadvertently get better at parenting as life moves on and/or having more children. Just like the variations in the type of teacher a student may have, there are different types of parents. Some parents want to be involved in the education process and some do not. Some parents see public schooling as the means of their children receiving viable opportunities for success while others see public school as a necessary evil. Although the intentions and desires of parents are not unified, parents have rights and responsibilities with regard to having their children in public school. Parents have the right to direct and choose education as well as to be informed about school activities and student progress. Parents have rights regarding student religion, sex education, assembly, speech, financial assistance, and student discipline or the lack thereof. These rights outline the primary purpose for public and private schools as helping parents to meet their overall parental goals for their student(s) education. However, the schools need to maintain order and safety has lead
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