Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling: An Overview

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Significance of the Study People in the society have the right to be safeguarded from personal and psychological harm, loss of property and misuse of power. The general safeguards of society is best optimized through successful corrections community and organizational management, rehabilitation and training programs, in conformity with legal and ethical permissions, offender and staff accountability, and fulfilling the basic requirements of the offenders. The counselors have a special task to shield from harm those who are reluctantly under its care and control; therefore, modern standards for health care, offender classification, due process, fire and building safety, nutrition, personal welfare, and clothing and shelter must be…show more content…
A number of researches of twins have proved that the hereditary role to youth violence is considerable. The conduct disorder is also a rather influential predictor of violent behavior. Substance abuse also increases the risk, however, along with the baseline critical mental syndrome, the risk rises further. Physical violence amongst the children is a powerful risk factor and increases violence, threat into adulthood using various means. Psychologically, a need of empathy and disruptive personality syndrome are found to be more prevalent in delinquents than in the general population. Other mental risk factors comprise of cognitive severity, lack of management skills, and an inclination to attribute violent intention by others. Moreover, the past history of violence is a significant interpreter of future violence, as it shows that the past risk factors did build up enough to cause violent acts and that there are prospects of repetition of such acts. In the National factors, and often the collusion of multiple situational triggers may need to occur before a violent outcome proceeds. Although many dynamic and static dangers favor violent behavior, other safety factors may stop the recurrence of such events. These might comprise of having dedicated and dynamic caregivers, a community support activist or counselor, or a religious figure that forbids violent activities. Violence forecast is intrinsically imprecise since there are
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