Essay about Legal and Ethical Leadership in Management

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Legal and Ethical Leadership in Management Porchia McCray Argosy University Online Introduction This paper will discuss a scenario involving two competing designer and manufacturing companies and their mutual retailer. The names of the two designer companies are Mathis Inc. and Countess Lori- Ann (CLA). The name of the retailor is Normandale’s. Normandale’s is having trouble profiting from the sales of the high priced clothing items made by Mathis Inc. Normandale’s made a request to CLA to duplicate the clothing made by Mathis Inc. The clothing is to be sold at lower cost, in efforts to help increase their profits. In efforts to aide Countess Lori Ann in duplicating Mathis’s clothing line; Normandale sends samples and photos of…show more content…
Being that the articles are practically identical, there can be some confusion on the part of the consumer as to who the designer is. This could be a form of trade dress infringement as long as Mathis Inc. can prove that the trade dress is nonfunctional, distinctive or has secondary meaning, and the infringement caused consumer confusion (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009). Social Responsibility Social Responsibility can be defined as a business being concerned with both its profit and nonprofit enterprises, and there expected and unexpected consequences on others. There are several schools of social responsibility. There is the profit oriented school (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009). Corporations that take on this approach tend to believe that as long as they are increasing profits for their shareholders they are performing their social responsibility duty. This may be the approach for Normandale’s. Another school of social responsibility is the managerial school (Kubasek, Breenan, & Browne, 2009). In the managerial school, businesses feel responsible to those who impact their decision and profit making abilities. Those who are for this approach believe that they must take responsibility for their profit seeking activities. The reason behind this thought process is to build the trust of both their internal and external constituents,
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