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Cost Justified Introduction The primary stakeholders in this case are: Joe, Joe’s family, Mary, John, the person that wrote the letter, and the company stockholders. Joe was just promoted to the District Manager of Computer Operations. Mary is the Division Manager of Information Systems. John is the President and CEO of this large company. The CEO got an anonymous letter saying that the new system that was just installed is not performing as expected. The company just installed a new system that was a major financial investment. Joe knew the system was not performing as it was supposed to and had reported the problem to Mary. Mary listened to Joe but she was the original supporter of the new system and always gave…show more content…
The utilitarian theory says to do what’s right for all involved. All involved in this case would benefit by not knowing the truth now, until Mary could figure out why the system was not producing the way it was expected to. If the rights theory were applied to this case, Joe would do what’s right and not life to the CEO. Joe may be considered a whistle blower but his rights are covered by laws in that case. If the justice theory were applied, Mary would not ask Joe to give false information to the CEO. Mary would not threaten Joe’s job that he worked for years to be promoted to. Conclusion and Recommendation It is my recommendation that Joe get legal counsel immediately. Legal counsel would recommend that Joe try to get Mary to agree to tell the truth about the new systems performance. This gives Mary the right to change her decision to lie to the CEO, and come clean about the new systems performance. If Mary states she is working on resolving the problems with the new system that should be made known. If Mary does not agree to what Joe has to say about telling the truth to the CEO, he should follow legal counsel’s advice which would be to tell the CEO the truth. References Guide, eGuide_LS312_chapter4, page 5.

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