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Legal & Social Business Paper The first issue is whether or not Enzo had a valid contract with Gina when she asked him to take possession and care of her car until she returns home from active military duty. As compensation, Gina gave Enzo the right to use the car while in his care and he agreed. It appears that in this case they did have a valid contract. There was a valid offer and acceptance by both parties. There was consideration by both parties for the benefits. The verbal contract was for a lawful purpose and both parties appeared to be adults of sound mind. With this issue of a contract, both parties seem relevant to the four elements for which Enzo will take care of Gina’s car while she is away and until she returns.…show more content…
Gina has the right to go after Enzo with a civil lawsuit. Intentional torts are when someone is harmed by an intentional action. That is exactly what Enzo did in this case. He intentionally forged Gina’s signature and knew he would be able to sell the car and receive the funds. Mr. Landlord should have to give the funds back and then could make a decision on whether or not to pursue a lawsuit against Enzo or try to work a deal out with Gina. The fourth issue is whether or not Enzo is able to void the sale of the car since he is legally a minor and can void contracts. To go along with the possible void-able contract, Enzo, depending on judgment, wants to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and discharge the debt. Fortunately for Enzo, a void-able contract is doable because of him being a minor. In this case, because he is a minor, the contract is void and the debt around him for that transaction could be dropped. We would use the rule of unenforceable agreement. With this law, the parties may intent, but rule of law prevents the contract because Enzo is a minor. In conclusion, no bankruptcy would have to be filed because of the voided contract. In the fifth and final issue, after Gina filed the lawsuit against Enzo, he started to harass her by showing up to see her at the apartment and work along with phone calls. These were threatening gestures and
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