Legal or Ethical Issues in the Workplace: The Lecherous Boss

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Therefore, one has to anticipate that one will encounter legal and ethical issues in the workplace, just as one encounters legal and ethical issues in the world in general. Of course, not all of these problems will be significant, while others will be significant. The difficulty for the employee is determining what ethical and legal issues are critical, which ones are less important, and how those interact with a person's own personal ethics. What is interesting is that seemingly insignificant ethical issues can actually have a tremendous impact on the workplace, because they can set the tone for the way that the office functions.
One of the more challenging issues in the modern workplace is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a serious issue. It can impact the ability of people to work, costing employers money and preventing people from meaningful participation in the workplace. It can be dangerous for victims, literally resulting in people feeling as if they must have sex with people in order to get or retain their jobs. The impact of sexual harassment goes beyond victims and perpetrators because sexual harassment can transform a work environment into a hostile work environment for all employees.
Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand is how sexual harassment can continue to be a problem. Sexual harassment appears to be a very well-defined…
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