Legalisation of Same Sex Marriage and the Impact on Family Values

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Persuasive Essay 'Legalisation of Same Sex Marriage and the Impact on Family Values '
Lately there has been a great deal of discussion over legalising same sex marriage. To some people; there is no problem with it. However this is a controversial matter and there is still a great deal of debate ongoing in some countries, including this one, whether homosexual couples should continue to be denied the rights that straight couples enjoy. There is no reason why homosexuals relationships should be differentiated in any way from heterosexual ones. Homosexuality isn 't a choice. Any intolerance in our society concerning something someone cannot control, where no harm is caused, is not only ludicrous but also a form of discrimination. There is
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Recently the American President was quoted in Chicago showing his support for gay couples adopting. "...what makes you a man is not the ability to make a child, it 's the courage to raise one." This shows how times have changed and the support for gay rights is growing. Sadly many people feel that same sex marriage should be illegal because they feel that homosexual couples are unable to make the same contributions to society that heterosexual marriages are able to make. Despite this homosexual marriages do not affect society in a negative way and should be legal and recognized just as heterosexual marriages are. Physically homosexuals cannot procreate, but that does not mean that they can 't contribute to society through raising children well. There are millions of children who want to be in a home with a family who love them. Foster children are often sent from foster home to foster home, which leads to a very unsteady childhood. Currently one quarter of children living with same-sex couples in the United States have been adopted, according to a research done by the Georgia State University College of Law. Some say that homosexuals will not be able to provide a stable house for children, but a home with two caring parents is far more stable than a foster home where a child rarely receives attention. Due to the fact that most nations are wanting to be one of equality, if homosexuals are not allowed
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