Legalism In The Film 'Les Misérables'

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We are all searching for existence. While watching the film Les Misérables, I felt a strong emotional connection with Javert, a character who ran so far away from grace that it killed him. Consequently, I will be using this unlikely character to depict what a purposeful life doesn’t indicate, as well as what you receive as a reward at the conclusion of your days.
There is indefinitely a point in life where a soul craves something out of reach, but corsets itself into staying where it is. That point was continual for Javert. A strong legalist with an unsatisfied spirit, we first see him in the film standing atop a building, observing slaves doing manual labor. One man in particular, named Jean, had been there for 19 years - for the insignificant
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Jean Valjean breaks his parole. It is invariably a legalist’s duty to bring him to his rightful place - prison or death. How do you deal with someone that becomes the most empathetic person out there in your town while being on your I despise you and need to catch you list? Javier tries on multiple occasions to catch Jean Valjean, but his target always eludes him. This demonstrates that grace always wins against legalism. Inevitably, Javert commits suicide as he cannot live in a world that is run by grace.
The breathtaking idea we begin to draw from the film boils down to this quote: “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Furthermore, when you dwell entirely in love during your earthly life, you will also dwell in love forever. Javert’s reward for rebelling to grace was the only thing completely devoid of love; he is forever in obscurity and slumber. Javert’s character is paramount; it reveals that you cannot have grace without the law, and that you cannot survive without grace.
Though we do not deserve it, we all need grace. Every soul is lost, they are searching blindly for answers that are right in front of them. If we love, we will find that answer. Javert was destitute, blind, and unsatisfied as many are, but he ironically stopped searching for answers. Listen to the message of the story and change your viewpoint. Act on your convictions and accept grace today. Then you will see that to love is to see
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