Legalism's Role In Redefining The Government

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In order to keep the peace and successfully run the government, Legalism must be adapted. With this principle, crime will no longer be a problem, as those who break the law will be severely punished in public to warn others not to commit crimes. Because anyone will be penalized for committing unlawful acts, people will not do anything bad to each other, which will protect them. This will benefit the economy because without any crime and unfairness, trade will prosper (helped by the building of roads) and the country will eventually become richer. With strict laws and punishment, numerous people will have good jobs. Farmers who enlist in the army and come back victorious will be rewarded and honored. If any invaders were to begin attacking, there would be a strong military driven by eagerness of honor and reward to protect the country.…show more content…
The rulers will be able to capitalize on fear to influence the citizens to do what they want. The role model citizens who follow the laws will be rewarded, and the law-breaking citizens will be punished. This philosophy grew at the end of the warring states period, while the other 2 started during the middle of it. This shows that while the other 2 philosophies were growing, they couldn’t change anything to improve the situation of constant war. If there is a natural disaster, rebuilding the country can be a community project, and those who don’t want to help can be punished. A strong central government leads to a strong country. If there is a rebellion among the people, it needs to be stopped while it is still insignificant. The leaders of the rebellion can be killed as a warning that “this will happen to you if you rebel.” The main problem with the other philosophies are that they can’t efficiently stop
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