Legalization Gay Marriage

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Legalization of Gay Marriage What is the definition of marriage? The dictionary states it as being the legal union between a man and a woman as husband and wife. However, times are changing as the gay life style becomes more accepted by society it is time to allow all couples regardless of sex to enjoy equal protections, rights and benefits under the law. Perhaps, it makes the most sense to consider arguments against same sex marriage to realize why it should be legalized; these arguments touch upon a broad array of issues including: parenting, religion and morality, procreation, rights and benefits, and values and institute of marriage. Parenting Many people believe that same sex marriages are not the ideal environments for…show more content…
Many people also believe that legalizing same sex marriages will lead to a huge portion of the population to suddenly declare themselves as homosexuals: I find this scenario to be very unlikely. Equal Rights, Benefits, and Financial Implications Although they currently are not the reality is that marriage benefits should be accessible to all couples. Gay couples are unfairly denied the countless benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples that are able to marry. For instance, they are not eligible for tax benefits, insurance benefits and are sometimes denied joint ownership of property. Furthermore, Same sex couples are even denied the right to make certain medical decisions with regards to their partner. For example, a gay couple that has been together for 25 years is not allowed to visit their partner in the hospital after visiting hours due to the fact they are not considered family. They each are considered legal strangers. A common belief among opponents of same sex marriage is that businesses would be forced to provide benefits to same sex couples. (Bidstrup, 2004) This is not necessarily the case, and many businesses already voluntarily offer marriage benefits to same sex couples as a matter of good business sense. The businesses that offer these benefits recognize the importance and invaluable support spouses make to their working partners; these companies are generally viewed as progressive and are attractive to investors

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