Legalization Of Cannabis Argumentative Analysis

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Latin America
Many countries in Latin America have either decriminalized or legalized the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. While few countries have loosened restrictions on cannabis, others are still apprehensive due to the potential risks of drug abuse.
The state launched plans to cultivate and distribute cannabis for medicinal purposes after planting its first batch of the crop in late 2014 with plans for the production of cannabis oil to be used as a painkiller for 200 cancer patients. Today, the farm has expanded into the largest medicinal cannabis farm in South America.
Until then, patients had to import cannabis-based drugs for medicinal use. Chilean woman, Cecilia Heyder, lobbied the government and received permission to import a cannabis-based drug. Heyder was diagnosed with lupus and later, breast cancer, which led to severe pains and other symptoms related to a mastectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She had used conventional painkillers but these had negative side effects. After the success of cannabis as a medicinal tea for pain
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The young girl was diagnosed with Lennox-Gastatut syndrome, a type of epilepsy that is often difficult to treat due to constant seizures and setbacks in the development of the patient. Elizalde failed to respond to traditional anticonvulsive treatments and her motor functions had been affected. After failed attempts at treatment using surgery and medicines, the family requested permission to import a CBD-based oil for treatment. Initially, their request was rejected due to a lack of scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness but after continuous effort, they were soon allowed to import the drug from the United States. This case prompted the Health Ministry to approve 48 additional import permits for CBD oils in
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