Legalization Of Cannabis Research

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For decades cannabis has been looked upon negatively by society, this perception was created from negative experiences, and unfit role models that snowballed into stereotypes. Some common stereotypes are; if someone indulges in the so called ‘hard drug’ they will become more violent, loose sense of drive, as well as have a lower intelligence. Which is just not true, in this case it is almost the opposite. While under the influence of cannabis your body and mind will become relaxed and calm, cannabis can also be considered a motivator to complete goals and tasks, and finally multiple famous academic scholars have indulged in the plant, such as Albert Einstein who theorized E=MC^2, which has lead to mathematical and scientific fundamentals. There are some disadvantages that come with the plant, but are outweighed by all the benefits it is capable of.…show more content…
This racial stereotype contributed towards the criminalization of the plant in 1923, but in recent years the idea of legalizing the plant has ignited. This is an amazing opportunity that Canada should strongly consider because of its economic potential, such as being able to bring in an unbelievable amount of revenue and
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