Legalization Of Marijuana And The Hemp

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Over the years this question has been asked time and time again. It is more relevant to ask this question now than it has ever been. We now have two states within the United States of America were marijuana is legal for not only medical use, but for recreational use and twenty-one states where it is only legal for medical use. (Nantional Cancer Institute, 2014) What about the big picture what about the hemp plant itself? What are some of the benefits of the hemp plant? How would the legalization of the hemp/marijuana plant benefit the economy? These are just some of the questions I will hope to answer within this paper. I will hopefully find enough supporting evidence to support the legalization of Marijuana and the hemp crop itself.
The country‘s economy is really going through hard times right now, with our country in the most debt that it has ever seen. I firmly believe that the legalization will help facilitate the recovery with economic with growth in many different avenues. Some of these avenues will include growth in the paper industry, cloths industry, and the way everything is produced. From what I understand almost anything can be made from the hemp plant even lotion.
The federal government needs to legalize the use of marijuana and the hemp plant to allow the revolution of modern day society to commence in the right direction. By changing the way we make paper and clothes will just be the start. It will not only help our country, it will also filter through our…
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