Legalization Of Marijuana And The State Of Massachusetts

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The legalization of cannabis in the state of Massachusetts has proven to be a very controversial topic with many citizens for and against its legalization. Personally I am for the legalization of cannabis, and today I will be writing a totally opinion based paper regarding the economic benefits that legalization could offer this fine state. So why legalize cannabis? Well people want to smoke it, it’s a product that will sell regardless if its legalized or not. So why not take advantage of this clear market? This is an opportunity for the creation of a new industry, meaning more jobs and new businesses in the growth, packaging distribution and sales categories. We will even be able to use hemp to create building materials and begin creating certain products out of this material therefore creating yet another industry. This product much like alcohol will be taxed, most likely rather heavily, creating more tax revenue for the state. It will also take illegal drug dealers off of our streets potentially making our communities much safer and reducing the tax money spent on prosecuting cannabis dealers and users. Another economic benefit to the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts will be tourism. People will flood into our cities and towns from all over the country willing to spend their hard earned money. This not only benefits the cannabis industry but also a handful of other businesses located within our state. Tourists are always beneficial to our overall economy.
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