Legalization Of Marijuana For Recreational Use

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Ajin Jose
Professor Sheila Gordon
Drugs, Society & Human Behavior
12 April 2017
Legalization of marijuana for recreational use in Canada
The Federal Government promises to legalize marijuana in Canada. But it should be revised in accounting to those pot legalization strategies and results gained in other parts of the World. I do not agree with the fact that Marijuana should be legalised for recreational purposes in Canada because there are short term and long term effects which affect both the individual and the society in a negative manner. If we look upon an individual, it is true that it starts with the age at which the person starts using it. The fact is teenagers are interested in trying out new things and as a result it’s not
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When we focus on other places where Marijuana has been legalised, we see a clear picture of its impact, both positive and negative. According to reports in Colorado, U.S., Marijuana use increased from 21 percentage in 2006 to 31 percentage in 2014, looking onto people aged between 18 and 25 years. Similarly, “Marijuana-related hospitalizations have increased from a rate of 803 per 100,000 pre-commercialization to 2,413 per 100,000 post-commercialization.” ( These reports show the drastic change that is happening. We can’t completely suggest that it’s a bad outcome just by looking onto 2 factors. But, this can’t be negated either.
A county in Colorado is revolting against legalized marijuana because of factors like increased nuisance crimes- harassments and vandalism. “Predictions that legalization would kill the black market were false. Criminals from everywhere are attracted to Pueblo because they think it is a good place to grow cannabis. Just recently, more than 17 Cuban-Americans from Florida, two Russians, and an Argentinian were arrested.” (Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk M. Taylor, Also, for road safety, local presses report that marijuana has caused a spike in fatal crashes in the recent years, though the officials are unsure about the involvement of the drug.
On the Contrary, other drug consumption has reduced due to the legalization of
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