Legalization Of Marijuana In The United States

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The Government should legalize the use of marijuana because of the economic benefits it would offer, The debate over whether the federal government should legalize marijuana has been escalating and states such as Colorado, and Oregon have legalized the use of medical and recreational use of marijuana due to the realization that marijuana could greatly benefit their economies, such as the creation of jobs, tax revenue, and young business leaders. The legalization of marijuana is highly beneficial to the United States government because it will save the government billions of dollars. According to Jeffrey Minron a Harvard economist “If marijuana were legalized, the government would save $7.7 billion dollars annually in law enforcement costs, and it could bring an additional $6.2 billion a year” (3).If the government were to legalize marijuana nationwide, there would be billions of dollars, which could be used to solve actual problems in the United States like education, poverty, Instead, the billions of dollars are being wasted to loosely enforce the ban.…show more content…
Another Economic gain that results from the legalization of marijuana is that the demand for legal marijuana creates an untapped market that can help out small business to grow and create young, successful business leaders for example “Sally Vander-veer, president of one of the state’s largest dispensaries and cultivation of marijuana, which has over 70 employees and a payroll of about 3.8million a year, is bullish on her rapidly expanding
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