Legalization Of Marijuana Research Paper

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The legalization of marijuana is a widely controversial topic. There are many pros and cons to the legalization of it but one aspect is the economical standpoint of legalization. If legalization did occur in pennsylvania how would this affect the use and sales of the drug. In washington state’s first year alone they grossed over 70 million in tax revenue more than doubling their original estimate at 36 million. "These impressive numbers are likely to catch the eyes of policymakers in other states that could use a little help closing their budget gaps," Tom Angell, chairman of the advocacy group Marijuana Majority, told The Huffington Post.
"While this amount of money isn't nearly enough to run a whole state with, these are real dollars that
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"And this is only the first year. Expect to see even more revenue generated -- and more jobs created -- in the next few years.". With more evidence that can clearly show it would greatly help out in paying our debt off even to help with school closings. Legalization of marijuana would also help with unemployment, as the legal cannabis industry starts we could see a significant amount of jobs increase along with a booming amount of shops opening up this would allow for more business owners. These jobs are in addition to the medical cannabis jobs that were already in existence. There has been a vast literature development over the past twenty years examining the etiology and factors influencing marijuana. This shows there is a growing interest in the properties marijuana has to offer. Legalization is expected to greatly influence the monetary price people would have to pay to obtain marijuana. With the expected decline in price this is going to…show more content…
According to federal law, there is no such thing as medical marijuana. Marijuana is a dangerous drug that the United States Congress has classified as a Schedule One substance. A Schedule One substance doesn't have any accepted medical use in the United States and a high potential for abuse." With the legalization of marijuana it would reduce the street justice. Instead of having to settle problems with black market sales of marijuana you can't call the police so most problems have to be handled by the individual which could be very
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