Legalization Of Medical And Recreational Use Of Marijuana

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The legalization of marijuana has been a very controversial topic that has everyone asking each other, is it really worth it? For many, the thought of legalizing a drug, which the government has classified as a Schedule 1 drug is, mind boggling to them. I am going to prove that the pros about the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana are greatly outweighing the cons. I will show with statistical evidence that legalization is beneficial in many ways such as generating higher state revenues, decreased crime rates, decreased imprisonment rates for petty drug crimes, breakthroughs in the medical field and that in general, banning marijuana is preventing our economy from its potential growth. A Thriving Economy Although the phenomenon of marijuana legalization is fairly new to this generation (excluding the sixties) the evidence speaks for itself. I’m first going to discuss Colorado, which was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana and also among the first few states to legalize medical marijuana as well. When Colorado voted to pass Amendment 64 in 2012, which was the right to regulate marijuana like alcohol, voters seemed to be almost split right down the middle but with the people in favor of legalize just about 10 percent ahead. Obviously the process was a little lengthy due to regulations and licensing, so about two years after the bill was passed, the first retail stores for marijuana opened on January 1, 2014 to ring in the New Year. A
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