Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage

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Why The Nationwide Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Will Greatly Benefit The Economy
Same-sex marriage has been a long debated issue in the United States. Since the nationwide legalization of same-sex marriage in countries such as Holland, Belgium, and Canada American gay couples have been pushing harder for equal marriage rights under the law. Opponents claim that allowing same-sex unions would not only lead to less stable marriages and higher divorce rates for heterosexual couples, but also precipitate an economic crisis. Marriage is intended to be the mechanism by which humans divide and pass on property; same-sex marriage disrupts the traditional practice of passing property on to one’s children. (Allen, 961) However, the breakdown in the economic and social fabric opponents of same-sex marriage fear will not occur. Research shows that same-sex unions greatly benefit the economy at several levels and in many ways. I believe that legalizing same-sex marriage will boost the nations economy by tax revenues, adoption fess, and increases in tourism.
The view that marriage is only intended for divorce is a pessimistic outlook. Legalizing same-sex marriages nationwide will not only benefit gay couples through taxes and division of property, but also it will boost the economy and open the wedding industry to the estimated 4 million homosexual couples in America. Legalizing gay marriage will bring in $20 to $40 million more dollars per year in taxes. This would boost the
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