Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage

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The onslaught of homosexuality legalization movements and initiatives has presented the society with a barrage of questions – dilemmas, even – regarding its moral and political sides. Legalization of same-sex marriage is a highly divisive issue and often pits former friends, neighbors and even relatives against each other. Whereas some people believe that same-sex marriage is an unnatural and unhealthy phenomenon, activists exhorting its legalization hold fast to the opposite opinion. The groundswell of opinion in the US is in favor of gay marriage and 37 states have already enshrined it in law. In most countries around the world, however, just the opposite is true. What is more appalling, homosexuality is punishable by death in several Middle Eastern countries. Even in the US, not all people accept the spread of gay marriage across the country with tacit acquiescence. Indeed, just as homosexuals and their supporters stage gay pride parades, the naysayers, too, eddy into the streets to protests against the spread of what they often call “the new bubonic plague”. Taking an unprejudiced approach to the issue, this paper has analyzed arguments both in favor and against legalization of same-sex marriage. Many opponents of gay marriage remonstrate against any idea of its legalization, because homosexuals, they say, are far too incompetent to bring up children. Furthermore, they opine that homosexual parents are a menace to children. Also, opponents of same-sex marriage

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