Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage

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Legalization of Same Sex Marriage in The USA

In The USA, there have been many movements supporting same sex marriage, in where some states legalized same sex marriage but there are still some states that have not or even have banned same sex marriage. Every human has the right to love, in this case, marriage is a privilege that everyone should have, the freedom of choosing a partner in their life; therefore the equality of human rights has to be more reinforced and same sex marriage must be legalized in every state in The USA. (add essay map)

According to the National Conderence of State Legislatures, same-sex marriage law was first brought up for discussion in 1993. The Hawaii Supreme Court was the one who ruled out the laws denying same-sex couples the right to marry and this violates the state of Hawaii constitutional equal protection rights (Article I, Section 5) against gender discrimination. 32 states (including Hawaii) adopted statutory language of law defining that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. Alaska and Nebraska both adopted the defenition and was the nation’s first constitutional provision limiting the relationship of same-sex couples and prohibiting same-sex marriage. As a result, 40 states had constitutional provisions limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples by the end of 2000.

Since over 200 years ago, the establishment of the United States human rights was founded. Universal

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