Legalization Of Same Sex Marriages

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Legalization of Same Sex Marriages As a Muslim, in my opinion same sex marriage is not right and same sex marriage should not be legalized. Out of this statement comes the question: what is the purpose and meaning of marriage. Can we ever explain marriage in the context of a bond between two males or two females. Can this relationship be called a “Marriage”? Whether we disguise this relationship with the label of marriage, does it become accepted into society as a real marriage? Or are we fooling ourselves? Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman which defines many different aspects of a relationship. It is a complement between two different and opposite types of humans. In the natural state of existence, traditional marriage is meant to be between two people of the opposite sex. But for the past 20 years, the debate of the legalization of marriage has uprooted many ideologies that once existed in traditional societies. Society is now conforming to a different mentality and it is questioning the purity of marital relations as cited in the Torah, in the Bible and in the Quran as well in ancient scripts from civilizations of the past. Do we really believe that same sex marriages will be equal to heterosexual marriage? Many people believe that marriage has two objectives; one is to procreate and the other is to have intimate relations. In society a lot of people are opposed to same sex marriages because in a traditional marriage the idea is that there is only

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