Legalization of Abortion: A Controversy

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Abortion Should abortion be legalized? Part One: Introduction and Thesis Abortion is the termination to a pregnancy after the baby has been conceived. It basically involves the woman putting an end to her underdeveloped embryo or the fetus. This may be done at different stages of the pregnancy and may be done for various reasons. The controversy exists between whether or not this is ethical and whether it should be legalized. Some countries allow the woman to put an end to her pregnancy with choice; some allow the abortion only under certain circumstances whereas other countries have strictly banned the act. However abortion can be termed as a form of murder because the fetus has been formed and it has become a living entity which is why putting an end to it is ethically and morally wrong (Schoen, 2006). Part Two: Argument The opponents of abortion argue that the whole process of aborting the pregnancy is a form of murder of a living entity because the fetus is formed and can breathe, hear, and feel because the baby has started to be formed. Putting an end to this is ending the life of a living thing. There are various arguments that the opponents put forward to state and support their arguments against the one who support the act. They give religious, moral, legal and ethical arguments so as to suggest that under no circumstances can abortion be proved correct and worth committing. The first and foremost argument put forward by those against abortion is that on

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