Legalization of Drugs and Crime Reduction. Essay

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Drugs are a very strong controversy and people have such strong opinions about whether or not they should be legal or not. I don’t have a strong opinion on this topic, I am easily swayed to either side. For the most part though, I think that they should be legalized because people already do them anyways and will continue to do them. If they were legal then the government could regulate their usage and sale then the government was receiving the profits rather that the drug dealers. The top 5 drugs sold in the U.S. sold are: Weed, Meth, Pills, Heroin, Cocaine. According to Frontline about $832 million a year is made in the black marketing of drugs. Even with this huge amount of income the government still doesn’t want to make the…show more content…
It is a mix of dried flowers, leaves and stems cut off from the plant. It can range in color from green to brown, it has a very wide range of textures and smells. It also has a variety of colored hairs. The main and active ingredient in marijuana is THC. It can range in color from green to brown. The most common way to take Marijuana is to smoke it. Users will roll it into a cigarette "joint," put into an emptied cigar casing "blunts" and smoke it in a pipe or a water-pipe "bong." It can also be baked into food and eaten or mixed in tea. A lot of people who have never smoked it or been around it will not agree but cannabis is basically an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, sleeping aid, and a personal therapist rolled together, and it fights cancer so why shouldn’t it be legal? After smoking you don’t have the urge to go out and do crazy stuff, your relaxed and at worst you want to eat. Meth on the other hand is not the same. As the number two illegally sold substance in the Unites States it has very bad side effects and has long term effects. If that is not enough it is also extremely expensive. Meth, short form of Methamphetamine is a very strong drug that acts as a stimulant for the central nervous system. The cost of Meth on the street varies according to the purity of the drug, the source of the drug and availability of the drug. It costs about $25 per ¼ gram; $ 100 per gram; and $1700 per ounce. Meth releases a surge of dopamine, causing
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