Essay about Legalization of Gay Marriage

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The legalization of gay marriage in the U.S. bears the same stigma as have prior civil rights issues, and as such should be proposed as one of utmost importance, and careful consideration. If our government, as it claims, is secular in nature, then it would be wrong for it to base its treatment of individuals outside the boundaries of what is naturally understood as the right of every man, woman, and child, to pursue a lifestyle that is fulfilling. By the same token, white people, black people, homosexual people, etc., are not to infringe on the same rights of others who may describe their differences as depraved, based, or dishonorable, based on a separate set of religious, or cultural standards. If we therefore, legitimately…show more content…
There may arguably be intrinsic benefits that such a dual gendered upbringing can have on a child, such as a comfortable sense of belonging that is easily accepted by the majority. I was raised in this tradition by white conservative—protestant parents who are still married. Fortunately, unlike some, my parents offered me stability through guidance, nurturing my interests, and providing for my needs. As my eyes have grown wider, I have kept certain of their beliefs, having assembled a firm platform from which to develop my own philosophies. In contrast, the son of the ice-cream-man in the town I grew up in was the product of incest and abuse, but not by the man he called Dad, or necessarily his mother, for that matter. This fact was well hidden from the community by his parents, who were straight, until the abuse was noted by school officials, and the incest was discovered in a resulting paternity test. His biological Father was discovered to be his Grandfather, and his Father who was a paraplegic had no notion of the occurrence. I assert that it would have been better for him to have been under the care of two individuals, gay, or straight, who appreciated the gift he offered them to pursue his best interests. Antiquated laws against “sex crimes,” or “crimes against nature,” wherein procreation can not naturally occur such as oral
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