Legalization of Marijuana

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Legalization of Marijuana Jimmy Martin, II Saint Leo University Author Note This paper was prepared for Drugs, Society, and Human Behavior CRM 328, taught by Dr. Pappas. Abstract With exception to the debate surrounding the Affordable Health Care Act and the attacks on the United States Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, public policy regarding legalization of recreational and medical marijuana has reached a boiling point in most state legislatures. However, possession and use of marijuana is still viewed by many as comparable to consuming an alcoholic beverage. Regardless, it (marijuana) is still classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Introduction After…show more content…
The poll provides an additional break-down by age, gross income, political party affiliation, and educational level. Outside of the preconceived notion that minorities are the only ethnic group that uses marijuana, percentages show that whites use it as equally. However, black people have the probability of being arrested 3.73 percent more times than whites (www.aclu). Under Maryland criminal statues, the punishment for possession of marijuana in the amount of 10g or less is 90 days incarceration and a maximum fine of five-hundred dollars, 10g to 50lbs is 12 months of incarceration with a maximum fine of one-thousand dollars ( Like any other drug, marijuana provides the human body with a brief sense of euphoria and some hallucination if mixed or “laced” with other drugs. Additionally, marijuana use can increase blood pressure, irritate lungs, and promote short term brain memory. From a medical perspective, proponents believe that marijuana could be used to treat patients suffering from diseases such as: AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, pain, glaucoma, and epilepsy ( There is also the financial aspect of legalizing “recreational” marijuana. At the end of the first day of business, Colorado marijuana businesses netted 1 million dollars in sales (Barasch, 2014). It is the opinion of many

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