Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Legalizing marijuana has been an ongoing discussion in the united states for many years. Many people think there is no good way to use, while other people believe it could be a helpful medical treatment. Recreational use is what makes this drug a problem. Many people use this drug for non-medical purposes causing it to become a cash crop drug. Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes only. If it was made legal for medical purposes it could help many people who have diseases that can be cured or postponed, the country will have more economic growth, and many people will stop “self prescribing.” It can be helpful and healthy in many ways, as doctors prescribe. Marijuana is a preparation made from the dried flower clusters and leaves…show more content…
Weed lowers blood pressure, dilates the arteries and reduces body temperature an average of one-half degree, thereby relieving stress. Stress causes sickness. Therefore, marijuana can be a helpful medical tool. Legalizing marijuana for medical use can help the economy in many ways. The government will put an outstanding tax on weed, making millions of dollars from just the revenue. Many jobs would be added in states if legalized. Picking crops, growing, and distribution of marijuana would widely spread through the economy. The distributors would be required to have a licence to sell. The tax on the licences would also make money to add to the deficit in our country. If legalized in America, the revenue would be enough to split the deficit to half of what it is today. Many people self prescribe medicines that they believe will help treat whatever disease they may have. If people know that marijuana is a possible cure, they are more likely to go to the doctor to get checked. Results in self medicated treatments are you do not know what the results will be of a particular mix of drugs, and it can be fatal if you overdose or take something you are allergic to when nobody is around. Any symptom can be caused by many different medical problems. For someone, who has training in medical practice, to decide what they need to fix their body is a very irresponsible way to medicate. On the opposing side of legalizing, recreational use should not be legal. Weed is a gateway drug

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