Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana

Take A Closer Look

Those who oppose legalizing marijuana tell us that legalizing it would be seriously detrimental. Are they looking at the facts? Or do they just believe the same myths that our parents created when they were trying to stop us from becoming drug addicts? Let&rsquos take a closer look at the facts.

Violence surrounding drug dealing would be lessened by legalizing marijuana because small time drug dealers would essentially be forced out of business. Larger companies who could produce high quality marijuana at lower cost would prevail. Most people would buy from these companies because they would know the product was free of adulterants and would contain no poisons. Wars between dealers of
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They found that smoking tobacco was a greater hazard than smoking marijuana, and that the dangers of drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana were about the same. Their studies indicated that regular use of marijuana did not lead to a higher mortality rate. The DEA has also admitted that marijuana does not pose a very big health risk.

There is a difference between "relatively harmless" and "safe". Drinking water is relatively harmless until you drink too much, upset your electrolyte balance, and suffer death. Driving a car is relatively harmless until you drive into a tree. Nothing is safe for all people all the time. Marijuana, like anything else, will pose health risks when abused or used irresponsibly.

Virtually anything may be addictive. Housework may be addictive, but to say that it is would be ludicrous. To millions of people like me, housework is anything but addictive.
Roller-skating may be addictive.

Should we put warning labels on roller skates? For a drug to be classified as addictive, it must be proven that numerous individuals have trouble discontinuing its use or that it interferes with other life activities. National epidemiological surveys show that one third of Americans over the age of twelve have used marijuana. Of those same people, only nine percent have used marijuana in the past year and only 2.8 percent have used it in the past week.
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