Legalization of Marijuana Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana Michelle Shepard Soc 120 July 16, 2012 Danielle Camacho There is no denying that the drug problem in our country today has reached an epidemic proportion. The problem has gotten so out of hand that many options are being considered to control and or solve it. Trying to end the drug war may not seen to be the best answer in the beginning, but those so-called wars on drugs have not been very successful at stopping the drug wars. I feel that there should be some different options. The legalization of marijuana is an option which hasn’t received much of a chance, but should be given one. Given that marijuana has known important medical uses, such as the alleviation of nausea, and the treatment of glaucoma,…show more content…
Judging from a deontologist’s standpoint, marijuana should legal because it helps to improve the lives for some individuals. Marijuana can be used for various medicinal purposes. There are various options for the government regarding the regulations of marijuana, such as: removing marijuana from the list of controlled substances or removing marijuana from the schedule 1 of the controlled substance act, and placing it on a different schedule which allows for physicians to prescribe it. (Barnes, 2000) The legalization of marijuana would also help with the ongoing war on drugs and help to bring down the high crime rates in the United States. The prohibition of marijuana reduces the supply and increases the demand for the marijuana, thus increases the crime rates for the individuals who commit the crimes to pay for the drugs. According to David Boaz article, “The Failure of Prohibition,” “…Police officials have estimated that many major cities as much as 50% of crime- including auto thefts, robberies and assaults, and burglaries- are committed by these individuals to support their drug habits.” (1991) Prohibition is a failure because it creates more problems and usually never fixes the original problem. This is another reason why the government should not be allowed to regulate the lives of its citizens. The government cannot justify banning marijuana all together because it is used for recreational purposes, when it is also commonly used to help

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