Legalization of Marijuana

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Frank Gonsalves English Comp1 Professor Smith Legalization of Marijuana Have you ever wondered why marijuana was illegal? Keeping marijuana illegal costs tax payers a bunch of money, and is not even an effective way to solve the problem of marijuana use. People have the right to choose for themselves if they want to use marijuana or not. The use of marijuana does not affect anyone but the person using it, so why not let them use marijuana if they choose to. According to the Marijuana Legalization Organization, the criminalization of marijuana does not keep young kids from using it and it also does not stop the abuse of marijuana, if anything it makes it worse. If the government would legalize marijuana and let those of a reasonable…show more content…
As it has been said that after smoking marijuana you are high or stoned, I have never been too impaired that I was unable to fully understand what was going on in a particular situation. When smoking marijuana, I am put into a state of relaxation where I would never decide to commit a crime such as rape or murder. I may feel spontaneous at times and try something completely out of my comfort zone, but what is the harm in that? It’s always nice to try new things, and marijuana just happens to make me feel comfortable enough to try them. When I was younger growing up, I was extremely shy and was considered to be a “mama’s boy.” At the age of sixteen when I first started using marijuana, I started to become less shy around new people. When at school or when I would be around many people, I was more outgoing and more likely to start a conversation with someone. Marijuana would even help me to stay more focused in class. I started to not care about what others thought of me, but in a good way. I started to become more outgoing and more confident in myself. I believe that marijuana most defiantly has not harmed me in anyway; if anything marijuana has made me a better person. When under the influence of marijuana, I always take into consideration the feelings of those around me. I have never been able to express my feeling comfortably so I have always bottled them up my whole life. After
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