Legalization of Marijuana Should Not Happen Essays

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The legalization of marijuana is a very controversial issue that is being debated across the United States. In the article "Going to Pot?," by Damon Linker, Linker attempts to persuade readers that legalizing of marijuana can cause more harm than help. This publication was released in November of 2001. Although two other writers, Richard Lowry and Andrew Sullivan, try to change readers beliefs Linker maintains his stance against marijuana. Without discrediting their facts he explains and defends why he feels they are wrong. The article is formal and although religion is not talked about, morals and society standards are questioned. Throughout the argument, Linker proves that effects of marijuana are detrimental to our society and …show more content…
He is also reasonable when Sullivan says that marijuana is simply used for pleasure and Linker reminds the reader that the false happiness of smoking marijuana leaves the user with, "a feeling of emptiness and a craving for another high to fill it."(Linker p.3) Linker is practical because he is not asking the reader to extend their beliefs, simply to refine them back to what they should be.

Linker uses relevant evidence all through the article. He is persuasive because when he uses information from Lowry and Sullivan the reader could possible shift to their opinion. Linker uses logical evidence to explain why they could be wrong. For example, L and S say that no one has died from excessive use of marijuana, but many have died from excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes. Linker counters this accusation by stating that excessive use doesn’t make judgment if something should be legal or not. He states that using an excessive amount of aspirin can lead to death. Why is aspirin legal? Linker gets the last word and makes it clear that marijuana should not be legalized. The most convincing fact about Linker’s article is that people are making unclear decisions. These decisions are decisions kids will continue to make if they are not taught the proper evidence.

The author is credible because he is not trying to trick the reader.
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