Essay on Legalization of Prostitution

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Though illegal in the United States, prostitution is still a strongly prevalent crime happening all across the nation. Currently, a person participating in the crime of prostitution will be charged with a misdemeanor (Liberator 2). People every single day are being charged with a misdemeanor for this specific crime. Statistically, it may even seem like this crime is being caught more often than other, more extreme crimes. Prostitution is a strongly enforced crime that costs America large sums of money (Chittom 1). Contrary to what many think though, this crime isn’t illegal in all of America. Though illegal in the majority of America, it is legalized in the state of Rhode Island, as well as in several rural counties in Nevada (2). With the …show more content…
The author develops this through explaining that by legalizing it, specifically in America, the corrupt law enforcement of prostitution could be corrected, as well as providing a healthier, safer system of prostitution. The author provides examples from countries that have a successful prostitution systems in order to support his claim that prostitution would be safer and better regulated. Bovard uses an informative tone to explain the often overlooked benefits of legalized prostitution. Bovard appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos throughout his entire essay. He strongly appeals to logos by presenting examples of other countries in the world that are currently practicing legalized forms of prostitution. He gives many specific examples of the problems that are happening in the persecution process of prostitution. When addressing the health outlook of prostitution, James Bovard provides statistics strongly emphasizing the point he is trying to address. His educated diction and useful choice of wording strongly appeals both to logos and ethos. It is visible that Bovard is educated about the topic of prostitution making his arguments seem valid. While there is little appeal to pathos in Safeguard Public Health: Legalize Contractual Sex, it isn’t necessary because it’s an informative and educational essay. The shocking statistics in regards to health and horrendous acts committed by policemen may slightly appeal to
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