Legalization of Prostitution in India

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Prostitution is recognized to be the oldest profession that has existed in the society since ages. Basically prostitutes are in this calling because of neediness. There are ladies who are voluntarily into this calling, whereas, there are others who are trafficked and constrained into prostitution. The court's remarks came while dealing with a public interest litigation filed by an NGO about child trafficking. The court said child trafficking and prostitution were flourishing because of poverty. "When you say it is the world's oldest profession and you are not able to curb it by laws, why don't you legalise it?" Judges Dalveer Bhandari and AK Patnaik asked a government solicitor. “The laws against prostitution in India are having enough power but it has become very difficult for the police to implement them. The main reason may be the capacity of Indian mafia and general apathy of Indian public. So they turn their eyes in a different direction when it comes to the matter but that is the root of all social evils.” Lately there have been questions rising with the growing importance of the mandate of legalizing prostitution in India. “While that is certainly not a great solution for the given problems which require more of a paradigm shift in the mindset of people, but given the clandestine nature and no regulation of industry, it would certainly be a step towards damage control.” Legalizing of the profession will at least give a human face to the profession, where
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