Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage

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This decision is not one that is made lightly, but for homosexual couples, it isn't one that is often afforded. Now that being homosexual is becoming socially accepted, homosexuals are demanding the same rights and benefits as others (The Gay Rights Movement). Many homosexual Americans believe that they are being excluded from “one of the basic civil rights of man (Support for same-sex marriage hits new high; half say Constitution guarantees right”). They have formed organizations, gone to court, and rioted all over the nation; but they are still being denied the simple right to marry (The Gay Rights Movement). Redefining marriage will allow all Americans access, regardless of sexual orientation, to rights given to heterosexual couples without serious social, financial, or legal detriment to society. Those who are against legalizing gay marriage feel that marriage is not only a union of the hearts and minds, but a union of the bodies (Understanding the Meaning of Marriage). Many religious conservatives believe that a marriage should have the ability to produce biological children (Should Gay Marriage be Legal).Research has shown that the children of same-sex marriages “are at increased risk for a variety of negative outcomes (Hansen).” Trayce Hansen, a licensed psychologist has performed studies on children from…

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