Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages

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In our time the traditional viewpoint that we have previously exerted in relationship to the definition of a family is being challenged more than ever before. Regardless of whether or not that is through grandparents raising children, foster children and adopted children being raised in families, single parenting, interracial couples, etc. One of the most talked about issues of our time is the legality of same sex union/marriages. The standpoint that many take on this issue is one rooted very deeply in traditions and personal beliefs. There is a constant conflict of opinions. However, research consistently that relationships between families are tied together based off of the quality of the relationship and child outcomes compared to the sexual orientation of the parents. In every individual, there are desires that are present to someday include a child into your life. Whether that be at a young or old age, you are given the right to bear children into their world whenever you so wish as long as your circumstances are right. For those that identify as being gay/lesbian they do not have that choice. However even those who are involved in same sex relationships ultimately have the desire to have children. Whether it be through adoption, artificial insemination, surrogate moms, or fostering children they can become parents. For some individuals, they have children from previous heterosexual relationships as they felt the need to cover up for their true identity or maybe even
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