Legalize It Already

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Life has its daily complications and we often need an escape. Some of us find relief in a nice glass of red wine and a piece of double chocolate cake. Others may find their arrival in paradise on the rim of an ice cold beer. An abundant amount of us turn to more common fixes like cigarettes or food. Then there are the ones that can’t find pleasure in common fixes, they’d rather turn to drugs for peace. Drugs like Marijuana (Cannabis) are often frowned upon because of its effect on the brain and has been constituted as illegal. But alcohol also affects the brain and it is legal. The question could be what’s the difference between alcohol and marijuana that makes marijuana illegal? Or it could be; what is the sole purpose for making it…show more content…
More symptoms also include paralysis, tremors and difficulty speaking. But after the use of marijuana, reported feeling limited pain and spasticity. Some have even reported that it has a profound effect on speech and eyesight, relieves tremors, helps them gain control of uncoordinated muscle action and could even slow down the progress of the disease. But it produces even more positive effects for patients with Cancer.
Cancer comes in several types, lung, colon, prostate, brain, etc. and these patients have a tough battle as do all of the patients that have to endure the pain of the disorders and diseases mentioned. But Marijuana produces the best results for individuals with Cancer in my opinion. The most extraordinary result possible for Cancer patients is the result of tumor reduction caused by Marijuana. Regular use of this drug has also been found to reduce pain and nausea related to chemotherapy and radiation. Recent studies reported by (an organization that supports legalization of medical marijuana) have proven that the “munchies” associated with marijuana helps to control appetite-stimulation properties that help combat Cachexia, or wasting syndrome.
The Institute of Medicine has conducted research within the last 15 years that resulted in the conclusion that cancer patients who have trouble with sever nausea often have a difficult time swallowing and keeping
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