Legalize Marijuana

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I believe that the time has come to end the prohibition of marijuana in the United States of America. If marijuana were a legal substance and taxed like alcohol and tobacco, billions of dollars in revenue would be generated that could be put towards paying down our national debt. Further stimulation of our economy would result from the thousands of jobs that would be created in order to grow, manufacture, process, market and distribute the product. Overcrowding in our prisons would be reduced, creating much-needed room for violent and aggressive criminals. Finally, there is evidence that the legalization of marijuana will yield certain health and environmental benefits to American society. From a strictly economic perspective, a …show more content…
It is estimated that across the Globe someone dies from a tobacco related illness every six seconds (approximately 5.2 million people per year, worldwide), and there are 100,000 deaths each year attributable to the use of alcohol. Strikingly, zero deaths are known to have been directly caused, by the use of marijuana. Further, there are many proven medical benefits of marijuana. Currently, marijuana is being used to treat glaucoma, and it has been shown to significantly reduce nausea in cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Additionally, people with HIV/AIDS and other terminal illnesses use marijuana to stimulate their appetites and to reduce various side effects of pain medications. Marijuana can also be used for the treatment of pain and muscle spasms in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. Scientists report that cannibidiol; one of the chemicals found in marijuana, slows growth of breast cancer cells growing in laboratory dishes, and can even result in shrinkage of cancerous brain tumors in laboratory animals. Evidence for marijuana’s effectiveness in treating, or reducing the symptoms of, arthritis, insomnia, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, migraine headaches and Tourette’s syndrome is also very promising. The most
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